Gracias por interesarse en lo que hago.

Mi nombre es Ekaterina y soy una artista experta que presenta un enfoque único para desarrollar diseños visualmente atractivos.

Trabajo tanto con empresas como con particulares.

a   character and 
story artist

.., a traveler with many homes and none at the same time. A creator with a passion for vintage aesthetics and 1950s Fashion. I am the biggest Doctor Who fan and am here with my "sonic " pen, running toward a new collaborative adventure.


Hop on!

"We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”     
- Doctor who





Monster Pet

Explore in more detail by clicking the link below.


Thank you for taking an interest in the wibbly wobbly  time-wimey things I do.

Based in LA, California

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